"Davison manages throughout to hold, captivate and win an audience all the way."
—The Denver Post

Peter Davison - la danse des objets

Peter Davison in
la danse des objets
(The Dance of Objects)

See THINGS differently in this uniquely MOVING show!

Peter finds extraordinary things to do with ordinary objects, which he brings to life as characters in a pantomime, or partners in a dance.

Who else would dream up an aerial ballet with inflated jumbo garbage bags?

Or engage in a precarious battle of balance with an ordinary chair and table?

Peter combines the artistry of a physical comedian, dancer, and National Juggling Champion to transform the stage into a magical world of motion.

You won't just leave the theater entertained, you will have a new perspective on the things around you.

The performance includes original music by Jesse Manno, and is captivating for all ages!